About Us

Trigo Investments and Real Estate Group LTD is a privately-owned company owned by attorney Ron Novotony, Tal Peretz, and Gal Peer.

For the last decade, Trigo Investment Group has specialized in locating, developing and enhancing desirable land in prime locations in advanced planning stages. Following an in-depth analysis of the deal, the company purchases land units with market value potential with the goal of doubling or tripling its worth.

Trigo specializes in identifying trends in the market, identification of deals with potential for success as well as smart and reliable investments. The group enjoys an excellent reputation thanks to its professionalism and credibility and has a pool of loyal customers and regular buyers of land as part of the various projects of the company.

Trigo provides a broad range of professional services including financial and legal services offered via the law firm of Michael Shine & Partners, who oversees the sales transactions. The company consists of a staff of qualified real estate consultants with many years of experience in the field.

Trigo specializes in providing a solution tailored to the changing needs of our customers while reviewing and analyzing all relevant aspects through collaboration with leading professionals: lawyers, real estate appraisers, architects and others.

The law firm that provides legal advice for the sale transactions of Trigo is the law firm of Michael Shine& Partners, which is a leading and well-established company in Israel specializing in the representation of private customers. The company has won numerous awards and is regularly ranked in Israel and overseas as a leading firm in its field.

Trigo believes that the success of the company and its reputation is a direct result of its partnership and transparency with thousands of customers, knowledge, and experience, choosing the best locations and creating transactions with upside potential and thereby making Trigo Investment Group one of the leading real estate companies in its field.

The company’s financial strength has earned it the reputation of a stable and growing company throughout the years.

The Founders

Three partners established Trigo Real Estate Group – The businessman Tal Peretz, the attorney Ron Novotny and the entrepreneur Gal Peer who, by combining their early childhood friendship and complementary characteristics, including entrepreneurship, persistence, determination, professionalism, thoroughness, and integrity, were able to realize their dreams. Even when they were just getting started, people described the founders of Trigo as very ambitious people set to accomplish their goals.

The three partners began developing the company together with their customers, experienced the success of their clients and understood and realized that the future of the company was dependent on their clients. That conclusion led them to create and build all aspects of the business “around their customers” and made the customer the mainstay of the company, seeing the customers as investors that walk hand in hand with the enterprise.

Tal Peretz – A businessman with a rich past in various management positions in leading companies. Tal is responsible for the commercial side of Trigo, and his expertise is locating land in in-demand areas with a high upside potential.

Ron Novotny – A lawyer specializing in real estate, previously worked as an associate at a first class law firm in the field of real estate as a leading advisor to local authorities and large public entities. Ron coordinates all legal management aspects at Trigo and has rich and profound legal knowledge.

Gal Peer – An entrepreneur through and through, he established and founded a series of successful business ventures including Focusnet and managed hundreds of employees. Gal is responsible for the marketing at Trigo, lives and breathes social media and advertising, and is in charge of all of Trigo’s campaigns and projects.

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