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Trigo acquired control of the Anglo Saxon brokerage network for tens of millions of shekels

A merger in the real estate world: the entrepreneur Trigo acquires the Anglo-Saxon broker

The Itzik Tshuva Group and the Trigo Group purchased an option for exempt rights from a tender in the Galil Yam neighborhood in Herzliya

Trigo Real Estate: Florentine - the new center of Tel Aviv

After the approval of the master plan of the land in the Florentine neighborhood in Tel Aviv: Discount Bank

Itzik Tshuva, Prashkovsky and Trigo will purchase 7 dunams in Herzliya Pituach at a value of NIS 380 million.

The school janitor who became the greatest graffiti artist in Tel Aviv.

A barrier was removed on the way to the construction of 12,000 apartments in the Pi Glilot complex.

Green light for 12,000 apartments in Glilot: Pi Glilot will be dismantled.

The Trigo Real Estate investment company acquired control of the Anglo Saxon brokerage network

Kibbutz Galil Yam sold an option for 3 dunams in Herzliya to Itzik Tshuva and Trigo

Precisely when the market is thirsty for apartments: the state is re-planning 10,000 apartments in northern Tel Aviv

Electra Construction was selected to carry out the "Florentin Square" project.

Trigo purchased land for NIS 117 million in Florentine - where it will build a complex of 200 apartments

The general meeting approved: Pi Glilot will be disbanded in preparation for the construction of 12,000 housing units.

Mixed-use projects in the new center of Tel Aviv.

Discount Bank financed a total of NIS 156 million to complete the purchase of the land in Trigo Real Estate's Florentin Square project.

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