Trigo Investments and Real Estate Marketing Company Ltd. invites you to be impressed and get to know its leading projects, located in the best demand areas in central Israel: Florentine Square – in the heart of Tel Aviv, the projects in Herzliya city and the Herzliya Pituach industrial zone, the new northern Glilot complex, Ramat Hasharon and Kfar Saba. The company has a variety of Mixed-Use Development projects, land, commerce, offices and residences. Trigo Investments Group and Real Estate Marketing Company. specializes in entrepreneurial projects and purchasing groups.

RAY Glil Yam

The Glil Yam neighborhood is emerging to be the most desirable neighborhood in Herzliya, and one of the most sought-after in Israel. The neighborhood’s population comprises mostly young people interested in enjoying a productive community life, proximity to the sea and a green environment full of parks, green gardens, neighborhood commercial areas and proximity to convenient transportation means to Gush Dan, train and accessibility to Ayalon. The land has an approved urban building plan.

Conceptual plan.


There is nothing like Tel Aviv! But what if we told you that you can get more from Tel Aviv! More from the cafes you like, more places to hang out, more cultural complexes and what not ?! The Trigo Group invites you to get to know the next stage in a city that does not stop for a moment
The land is not available for construction.

Florentine Square

In the heart of the Florentine neighborhood, between entertainment and cultural centers, trendy restaurants and business complexes, the Trigo Group and Seattle Investments are establishing the flagship project of the sought-after Florentine neighborhood, which sets an unparalleled urban premium standard in the area. The Florentine Square project was built with the innovative concept of mixed uses, as is customary in the largest cities in the world and which combines residential, business and leisure in one place.

פלורנטין סקוור
פלורנטין סקוור

The northern quarter of Herzliya

The Tamal / 3006 Plan of the Israel Land Authority is a detailed project being promoted by the VATMAL The new quarter is to include over 10,000 residential units, approx. 436,000 sq. m. of offices and commercial areas, a large park on its west side, connected to the system of municipal parks and gardens in the north (the planned Raanana Metropolitan Recreation Area) and in the south (the existing Herzliya Park) with cycle paths and pedestrian thoroughfares, educational institutions, and leisure and recreation amenities. The land is not available for construction.

The New Western Quarter

The New West is expected to become the heart of future development of the city, which prides itself of its past and present. It is a city whose demographic character is at the top of the list of cities in Israel. Its quality of life is among the highest in Israel due to the amount of its green areas, its pastoral nature, its residents of high socioeconomic status, with one of the leading education systems in Israel, as well as its exemplary cultural, leisure and sports amenities.

This is a veritable pearl of land in its initial planning stages that offers an opportunity with potential for a very high profit percentage. In the master plan of Ramat Hasharon, the land was defined as a land reserve for future development. Currently, the plan is being promoted by the Israel Land Authority, which is planning the construction of a new neighborhood of about 14,000 housing units.

Trigo House

Trigo House Herzliya Pituach In the most sought-after part of the business complex in Herzliya Pituach, a “Trigo House” will be built – a building that combines office and commercial space, with an emphasis on ecological and green construction. This unique and prestigious building will be built to a height of about 5 floors and will cover an area of about 3,660 square meters. The highlight of this project is smart and spectacular architectural design that presents rich technical specifications, a luxurious lobby, an underground car park that spread over several floors, balconies, green roofs and up-to-date design. In the design of the building, great emphasis was placed on bringing nature from the outside to the inside through ecological green facades and roofs.


The prestigious office project Trigo-Tshuva of the group of companies Trigo Investments, Itzik Tshuva, Prashkovsky and Multiland, covers an area of about 7.3 dunams in Herzliya Pituach, near the new Microsoft campus.

טריגו השקעות נדל"ן

Kfar Saba North

As part of the future planning for the development of the city of Kfar Saba, and through a new master plan that is in the process of being formed, it was decided to launch the North Ben Yehuda plan located north of Ben Yehuda Street in the city. The plan will include the construction of a new residential neighborhood known as “Kfar Saba North”, which will be built on the last large land reserve that is approved for construction in the city. Trigo owns a land reserve for improvement. The land is not available for construction.

Hatchelet Beach-Herzliya Pituach

On the road between Herzliya and North Tel Aviv, west of the coastal road, between the Herzliya Marina and the Mandarin Hotel, there is a large strip of land in an area of about 2,200 dunams. The land, which is currently in the process of being rezoned (in the H.R. 2200 plan), is located within the jurisdiction of the Herzliya Municipality and is located in a central location close to the beach, the marina, Glilot junction and close to the coastal road and major arteries. The land is not available for construction.

Hod Hasharon The Orange Trail

Hod Hasharon to live in the city, to feel in the village. Hod Hasharon, which has a population of about 51,000, is known as the largest rural city in Israel, thanks to the fact that half of the city’s area is ground-level construction. This is the reason for the low population density in the city. Which in addition is the lowest population density among the cities of the Sharon region. The land is not available for construction.


The TLV 3700 project constitutes one of the last and most desirable land reserves in Tel Aviv. It is located on the Tel Aviv coastline between Zvi Propes Street to the south and the Mandarin Hotel to the north. In the project, a new urban neighborhood is being planned after it was approved by the Minister of the Interior in the National Council in 2015.
The land is not available for construction.

Rehovot East

The city of Rehovot has long been considered by investors and entrepreneurs as one of the best and safest cities for investment.

This is in light of its high quality- and standard-of-living, as well as the numerous places of employment there.
The city of Rehovot is endowed with a host of leisure, cultural, culinary and entertainment amenities.

The simulation for illustration only.

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