הוד השרון שביל התפוזים

Hod Hasharon The Orange Trail

Hod Hasharon to live in the city, to feel in the village. Hod Hasharon, which has a population of about 51,000, is known as the largest rural city in Israel, thanks to the fact that half of the city’s area is ground-level construction. This is the reason for the low population density in the city. Which in addition is the lowest population density among the cities of the Sharon region. In recent years, the city has benefited from accelerated development and construction processes, which are embroidered alongside strict preservation of environmental values, in accordance with the city’s character. Thus, the city has some of the largest parks in the country, plenty of gardens, ornamental corners and playgrounds, one of the best education systems in Israel, sports fields and more. All of these have made Hod Hasharon the most sought after by young families, who flock to it every year and turn it into a city with a high positive migration balance in the Sharon area. The young families, join the quality and old residents of the city, who are located in improved and designed residential districts, in a city that is dominated by green vegetation. The city enjoys high accessibility to all parts of the country, thanks to the intercity roads that surround it, 4, 5, 6, 531 and the train stations. Hod Hasharon, for all its virtues, is also an example of urban growth and is considered one of the planned cities in the country. Of its municipal area, which stands at about 20,000 dunams, half is intended for future planning and development – this is the largest amount of land reserves for construction and development in the area!

הוד השרון שביל התפוזים


The winning location of the Sharon region has always been an excellent residential location for families, young couples and more. The Sharon region offers proximity to the Israeli coastline, and combines green landscapes, such as orchards and groves, with a vibrant urban atmosphere.

The Sharon Complex

The best neighborhood in Hod Hasharon is not here yet, but the opportunity to invest in it, yes! In a perfect location, in the coveted rural city of Israel, one of the most sought-after projects will be built – the Sharon complex. The attractive location and the combination of the rural and urban atmosphere are just some of the things that make the Sharon complex a much sought-after real estate project for investment. The Sharon complex is close to the developing real estate heart of Hod Hasharon. The land is located in a complex defined as an urban development area also according to the District Outline Plan T.M.M 21/3 and also according to the planned local outline plan of Hod Hasharon Plan H.R / 2050. The plan includes hundreds of dunams for the development and creation of an urban continuum for the existing neighborhoods around. The Trigo Investments Group, which markets land in the complex, has extensive experience in the Sharon region in general and in Hod Hasharon in particular. Thus, one of the group’s successful projects in the area, “Hadar Basharon – Hod Hasharon”, which was marketed a few years ago as agricultural land, is now just before the permits. Developed public complexes. Winning location and quality of life. These are some of the characteristics of the project. The Sharon complex covers an area of ​​hundreds of dunams, which allows for large-scale construction and space. The buildings to be built are in saturated construction, so that a continuum will be created with the built neighborhoods adjacent to the complex, and the real estate value of the project will increase. As part of the project, privately owned agricultural land is marketed for future construction according to the municipality’s plan and the district’s plans. The complex is expected to be one of the most spectacular and sought-after residential areas in the central area and therefore, investment in it is expected to be particularly worthwhile.
Development plans – The Sharon complex is expected to be a highly developed public complex that will include gardens, parks, schools, kindergartens and commercial centers, which will stand for the benefit of the residents. The size of the complex allows the establishment of different and diverse institutions and gives a sense of comfort and community. Investing right in the future of Hod Hasharon. Thanks to all these and more.


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The land is not available for construction.

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