The northern quarter of Herzliya

The northern quarter of Herzliya

The Tamal / 3006 Plan of the Israel Land Authority is a detailed project being promoted by the National Planning and Building Committee for Priority Housing Areas (VATMAL) , which determines guidelines and instructions for establishing a new urban quarter on an area of approx. 2,200 decares.The project is under the jurisdiction of VATMAL and is being planned by Farhi-Zafrir Architects and Town Planners.The project constitutes a planning basis for establishing a new urban quarter in the northern land reserves of Herzliya and Kfar Shmaryahu, and amongst other things, in the area of the Herzliya airfield that is being vacated.The project extends over an area of 2200 decares and it borders on The Jewish Brigade Street in the south, Highway 531 in the north and Kfar Shmaruyahu in the west.The project also includes the area of the Tamal / 1083 Plan, “Kiryat HaMaslul”, which was also advanced by VATMAL as a derivative of this project and was approved recently.The new quarter is to include over 10,000 residential units, approx. 436,000 sq. m. of offices and commercial areas, a large park on its west side, connected to the system of municipal parks and gardens in the north (the planned Raanana Metropolitan Recreation Area) and in the south (the existing Herzliya Park) with cycle paths and pedestrian thoroughfares, educational institutions, and leisure and recreation amenities.The quarter is supported by transportation means for many passengers, such as Raanana Station West, the Metro station planned there and Swift-to-City routes in Jerusalem Boulevard, which enables streamlined, intensive and multi-purpose construction, maximizing the land resource in the heart of this desirable area.

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The location

Jewish Brigade Street to the south, Road 531 to the north and Kfar Shmaryahu to the west.


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The land is not available for construction

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