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The TLV 3700 project constitutes one of the last and most desirable land reserves in Tel Aviv. It is located on the Tel Aviv coastline between Zvi Propes Street to the south and the Mandarin Hotel to the north. In the project, a new urban neighborhood is being planned after it was approved by the Minister of the Interior in the National Council in 2015.

Project Area

500 decares

Public Area

500 decares

Commerce & offices

50000 Sqm


1000 Sqm
11000 Housing

TLV / 3700

detailed plan of Project TLV / 3700 is under the authority of the local committee.
The detailed plan, which divides the area into five planning zones, as well as detailed plans, have been submitted for each of the planning zones. By virtue of these plans, it is possible to obtain building permissions.

The detailed plans include instructions for unification and division as well as allocation tables.
In May 2021, it was decided, as part of the amendments to the project, to significantly expand the building rights in the location, and enable their distribution among the land owners in the location. New allocation tables will be published after this increase.

*The simulations are for illustrative purposes only.


The Project’s location is exceptionally attractive! The project is located between prestigious neighborhoods and is very close to the beach and to main traffic arteries. There can be no doubt that in a city like Tel Aviv, the proximity to the sea is of prime importance: it increases the value of the property, and considerably enhances the quality of life and leisure culture. Project 3700 is in a very advanced stage prior to construction, presenting a rare opportunity for investors interested in investing in one of the most desirable locations in Tel Aviv.

*The simulations are for illustrative purposes only.


*The simulations are for illustrative purposes only.

The land is not available for construction

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