The Real Estate Market and Wise Investment

Many people understand that if they seek to make good use of a sum of money they have on the side, investing in shares or bonds is far from ideal. On the other hand, the real estate market constitutes a lucrative option, especially today, when the real estate market is on a sharp upward trend: many seek to purchase apartments, even properties located in suburbia that have not been in demand for a lengthy period. The new situation which has made itself felt since mid-June 2020 (a short while after the first lockdown) can be better understood when considering the cancellation of purchase tax, the absence of clear government policy in the realm, the political deficit, the low interest and apart from that, the feeling that the entire field is out of order, and now is the time to cash in on endless opportunities. Hence, if investment in real estate attracts you, and would like to know what investments are likely to be the most remunerative, you are invited to peruse through the following information.

The Real Estate Market – Situation Update

A review of the data reveals that in 2021, there was a steep rise in apartment prices in a wide variety of cities, including Ramleh, Tel Aviv, Netanya, and more. That is, the rise applied both to prestigious areas as well as to areas considered relatively undesirable and inexpensive. This situation stimulated many to seek real estate opportunities in various locations, in the understanding that each area had its own relative advantage, whether with respect to prices, location, population, or future urban planning.

Converting Offices into Residential Apartments

For a long time now, the demand for residential apartments has been far in excess of supply, and attempts are being made to put this gap to good use in various creative ways. One of the novel methods (for which it has not yet been possible to ascertain if it is as economical as forecasts predict), is to procure offices located in the centers of desirable cities, and convert them into small residential apartments.

The Planning Administration has given its go-ahead for such projects, and considerable interest has already been noted. Prices are expected to be low (since these are offices whose demand has declined following the transition to working from home), while at the same time, their location is quite central. Hence, if we add to the equation the fact that the demand is very high, it is understandable why this entails a real estate investment that is considered promising. In order to make good use of this, one must ensure that the building includes shared work areas, fitness centers, a grocery, laundry and various other necessary services. It is important to point out that the project is not intended for families, but for people without children, since there are no schools or kindergartens in the area.

Real Estate Investments – Purchasing Property for Rental

It is important to understand that the market is currently a “sellers’ market”, that is, demand is higher than supply. Therefore, it all depends from what angle you perceive the investment. In the real estate realm, everything depends on your ultimate goal. If your intention is to purchase a property and sell it for a sizeable profit, you just need to find a good opportunity and make good use of it. In this case, the main difficulty is waiting for a the right buyer; however, since demand is greater than supply, the opportunity is bound to arrive. On the other hand, many cannot afford to purchase an apartment outright, since prices are so high. Hence, another possibility arises – to purchase an apartment to rent it out. The idea is to purchase apartments in desirable areas and rent them out for a good price.

Investing in Agricultural Land

If you are considering investing in real estate and are a patient type, you might discover that investing in agricultural land constitutes a very promising option. Such an investment could yield profit of hundreds of percent; however, to be on the safe side, one must first ascertain that the land is already suitably designated and that the local municipality has a vested interest in

promoting the project. If one just examines the situation from every direction and is aware of all the pertinent data, it is certainly possible to make a highly profitable exit. To conclude, currently, there is a wealth of interesting real estate opportunities. On condition one makes a well-thought-out decision supported by a professional body, the result could be an amazingly high return on the investment.

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